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Korea warehouse is ready to serve you!

Register an account here > Once you have your own Customer ID number, give it to your supplier together with this link > (Not accessible in Philippines as it is only accessible in Korea so no need to attempt and access it.) Your supplier would be needing your customer ID number in that … Read more

Mid Autumn Festival 2020

Our warehouses would be in holiday from September 30, 2020 in preparation of the Mid Autumn Festival and we’ll be back on October 9. During this period we are not able to receive any cargo (I’m sure your supplier will be on holiday anyway ) Of course our Manila office will be in operation as … Read more

FREE Delivery

FREE Delivery!!! We understand the difficulties this CoVid 19 season has brought upon our fellow citizen, especially the small business sector. We are finding ways to save our clients with some hard-earned Peso while at the same time keeping them safe in their respective places. We will be trying out our free delivery service so … Read more

Everything is back to normal

Everything is back to normal now. All warehouses in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong are operational. Shipping lead time from the date of departure is back to normal. As mentioned in our previous posts that we’re sorting a stockpile of 2 months worth of unclaimed cargo, a lot of those has already been claimed … Read more

February – March cargoes…

February – March cargoes…   If you have February – March items with us, please be extra patient because your cargo would already be at the bottom of the stockpile as new cargo / containers keep on arriving even during the lockdown period.   Continuous arrival of cargo + no customer pickups / delivery due … Read more

New warehouses!

New warehouses! We have additional warehouses in China and also here in Manila to cater to your needs even during ECQ/MECQ/GCQ season just so we can accept more cargo from your suppliers. We’ll be waiting for your cargo 😊 We also post news and updates over at our FB page

Your shipments are safe

Your shipments are safe Many are inquiring about the status of their cargo, some shipped March, some April, unfortunately our online tracking system is down as the staff who manages it aren’t available due to the lockdown. We currently have more than a dozen containers still unloaded so your items are safe here. Since the … Read more

ECQ Extended!

ECQ Extended! In connection to our previous post (April 30) with regards to the chain of events which affects our China warehouses, we are once again forced to TEMPORARILY halt in accepting new cargo from your suppliers as we are now out of space. Our estimate would be 2 weeks (end of May) before we … Read more


We are fully operational during this ECQ season. However, there are some factors that hampers our timely delivery of items to customers. Most customers cannot claim their item either pickup or accept delivery so our warehouse cannot unload new containers to accommodate new items. This is a chain reaction that affects even our China warehouses. … Read more