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HBK Shipping Insurance


HBK Shipping Insurance

As you see, in the importation, the process is not direct from supplier–> HBK-> buyer only. It goes supplier –> HBK –> Philippine Customs –> buyer. Oftentimes the problem is with Customs as with any importer, no one is exempted, not even the big companies. But then, the difference between you and the big ones is, they have enough funds to cover for their losses should one or several of their containers get seized. This is where our insurance comes in so your investment is protected.

Take note that we are not obliging any of our clients to avail of the insurance but just informing everyone on how to protect their investment.

The insurance fee will be 3.5% of whatever amount you declare in that form. With insurance, we are responsible for 100% of the value declared in that form and will pay you either in cash or with our shipping service until such time that we can make up for the full value.

You may deposit the shipping insurance fee via our BDO account.

HBK Global Trading – 2070072653

3 documents required from you every time you will avail of insurance:

1) a scanned copy of filled up shipping insurance form (make a sure date is similar to your BDO deposit slip)

2) a scanned copy of your BDO deposit slip (make sure date is similar to your filled up shipping insurance form)

3) picture of your box/cargo with the assigned shipping mark attached to it.


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Learn how much you need to pay in availing of our shipping insurance by using the calculator below:

Shipping Insurance Calculator

Please use our online calculator to see how much you need to pay for your shipping insurance based on your cargo value.