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Bulk Shipping Importation (Full Container)


Bulk Shipping Importation (Full Container)

We understand the headaches and worries of a small business that wants to import their items directly from their supplier all over the world. With this service, we can import your whole container not only from our warehouses in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong but from all over the world.

(Our Retail Shipping Importation service is only limited to China, Taiwan, Thailand, and HK. Click here if you think this is just the service you need) 

Oftentimes, customs regulation(s), requirements/documentation, rates, and assessments change so you end up spending more than you have to.

On top of that, the headaches and trouble of getting your items cleared before they are delivered to you is a regular thing in the importation process.

Allow us to import that container for you. Should you want a price quote for that, kindly provide us with your Packing List and Proforma Invoice.

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