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We’re forced to refuse acceptance of cargo due to Manila issues (nCoV)

Just a couple of days ago, we announced that despite the pandemic, our operation outside the country are in full swing. Apparently as day went by (or shall I say in just a span of 48 hours), situation here in Manila worsened. Manila port is very slow in unloading containers (due to lack of workers), Bureau of Customs are working on skeletal staff, roads are regulated for transporting essentials only, and workers for loading and unloading goods everywhere are not available.

Current situation here has affected our international warehouses in being able to dispatch goods because shipping lines know that they cannot dock in Manila port due to lack of personnel and restrictions. And since we cannot dispatch the containers, our warehouses are now full of items. This in effect has forced us to refuse acceptance of goods/cargo for the time being.

Once our situation here in the country normalizes, hopefully we can all expect a speedy shipping and clearing process like we used to.

For any queries, do no hesitate to contact us as our Manila office is operational.

Stay safe everyone! 🙂

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