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ECQ Extended!

ECQ Extended!

ECQ Extended!

In connection to our previous post (April 30) with regards to the chain of events which affects our China warehouses, we are once again forced to TEMPORARILY halt in accepting new cargo from your suppliers as we are now out of space.

Our estimate would be 2 weeks (end of May) before we can start to accept new cargo again in China, hopefully by then transportation here in Manila would have eased which would make it easier for customers to claim their cargo or accept deliveries. While we are waiting, rest assured that in our limited abilities (due to ECQ and lack of manpower) we are doing our best to dispatch cargoes to make space for the new ones.

Please kindly bear with us during this season as we do our best in catering to your shipping needs.

Your consideration and understanding is highly appreciated.

Stay safe everyone as we surely hope to see you soon! 😊

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