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Easy China Purchasing/ Sourcing Guide

Here in HBK Global Trading, we see to it that everything is done in a simple and straightforward manner. And because your business is our business, we would like to keep this as short and as straightforward as possible.

We have posted several guides in the past and this is the most simple and effective approach of them all.

Purchasing and importing from China has always been the main concern of new buyers and importers that just wants to get their items here in the Philippines. Most of our clients source from and/or You can purchase almost anything you can think of in these websites, just enough to get your business started.

Both websites mentioned above are e-commerce so you can do your online shopping there. HOWEVER, we will not be taking advantage of these website’s e-commerce feature to do your online shopping, but instead we will treat both as some sort of online classified ads.

When looking for an item on a listing, just like in classified ads, 4 things needs to be present:

  1. Photo of the item being sold
  2. Item name/description
  3. Company name / name of seller
  4. Contact information or any way to contact the seller.

See our example below. All of what you’ll be needing to get started are here.

Before we begin, let’s just pick this first item that we see in the long list of results that we got.


Now that you’ve got all the information necessary to do the purchase, these would be enough to get you started. In line with this, we have included some FAQs below for this guide.

  1. Why don’t I just use the online shopping cart to do the purchase? – The online shopping cart does not have the option to ship within China (where our warehouse is located ) so if you do this, there is no way for you to use our service. All of the items that we receive in our China warehouse is bound for Manila so if your item is not there then we cannot ship for you. 
  2. Since online shopping cart will not be used, how do I pay for my items? – There are lots of alternative ways to pay the seller/supplier so do not worry about this. Most common forms of payments are: Western Union, Bank wire transfer, paypal, etc. You may ask your supplier/seller for their preferred method as they will be more than glad to give you that information
  3. What is the advantage of contacting the supplier directly? – Aside from the reason we have stated in #1, take note that you are dealing directly with a person and this being the case, everything is negotiable (Minimum order quantity, price per item, etc.)
  4. How do I get started in having my order shipped to your China warehouse? – Feel free to contact us so we can email you the instructions which includes our warehouse address so you may send it to your supplier. Basically it’s all you need from us.
  5. What about the shipping cost? – Click here .

Have we missed something? You might want to check our FAQs section also.

As always feel free to contact us 🙂




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